Russell & Roots: Jimmy Darbyshire

Jimmy Darbyshire’s Lens on Russell & Roots!

Surrey Through My Lens” proudly shares authentic photo essays that showcase what it is really like to live in and visit our community from a range of perspectives. Jimmy Darbyshire
 is the Marketing Director at Russell Brewing Co.

Summer is here and with it, the sounds of summer at a hot new concert series in South Surrey! Russell & Roots is a brand new 2-part concert series featuring some of the top rock and country acts in Canada. Held at Softball City in South Surrey, music lovers are getting ready for a singing, dancing, head-banging and fist-pumping good time!

Expect a day of great music, exciting events, delicious food and awesome local beer from co-presenter Russell Brewing Company.

Tickets are on sale now and going fast!

Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you lived in Surrey?

“I am Jimmy Darbyshire, the Marketing Director at Russell Brewing Company. Having spent eight fruitful years at Russell, I am deeply connected to the brand and its values. Growing up in North Delta, located just a short distance from the Brewery, I have always felt a strong affinity towards the local community. Throughout my tenure at Russell, I have enthusiastically immersed myself in the vibrant city of Surrey. Whether it’s through sponsoring local sports teams, collaborating on special beers, or raising funds for community initiatives, my involvement in Surrey has made it feel like a second home to me. The meaningful work we undertake in Surrey reinforces my sense of connection within the community.”

What does Russell & Roots look like through your lens?

After years of anticipation, Russell & Roots has finally become a reality. As passionate community and live music advocates, we are thrilled to merge these two passions into a dream-come-true event. This all-day, family-friendly extravaganza will showcase an exceptional talent lineup while raising funds and awareness for remarkable charitable causes. We have longed for this opportunity, and now, we are honoured to bring together the community, incredible artists, and charitable endeavours under the bright lights of Softball City.

The Russell & Roots Concert Series has proudly partnered with LIFTED, The Dallas Smith Charitable Organization. This collaboration allows us to drive awareness and raise vital funds for the children in our community who need it the most. The Russell & Roots concert series not only provides incredible entertainment but also serves as a platform to educate the public about the significance of mental health and the impact it has on the lives of young people.”

From the Discover Surrey Team:

Here’s even more info about the Russell & Roots Concert Series at Softball City, Surrey. Don’t miss the Rock Show on July 29th or the Country Show on August 12th, 2023.

What is it going to feel like to attend Russell & Roots?

Russell & Roots is not only about getting back to your roots, bringing community together, and making a difference through your ticket purchase; it is also an exciting showcase of live wrestling, thrilling mechanical bull riding, and a delectable selection of food trucks. This all-ages event promises an unforgettable experience where families and friends can gather to enjoy incredible bands, witness captivating wrestling matches, test their skills on the mechanical bull, and indulge in a variety of delectable treats offered by our array of food trucks. As the first event of its kind at Softball City in Surrey, we are determined to create an immersive and dynamic atmosphere that will leave everyone in awe.

From the Discover Surrey Team:

Stay an extra day to savour authentic international cuisine on Surrey’s Spice Trail. Check out the interactive map & learn all about signature dishes & dining tips by reading the travel blog article for each restaurant. And don’t forget to check out the array of Spice Trail Cocktails.

How will the shared experience at the events help to build Surrey’s community mosaic?

“The shared experience at events organized by Russell Brewing plays a vital role in building Surrey’s community mosaic. By bringing people together from diverse backgrounds and fostering a sense of belonging, these events create a platform for individuals to connect, interact, and forge new relationships. 

Moreover, these events showcase the incredible talent within Surrey and the surrounding areas, providing local artists and performers a platform to shine and gain recognition. This not only nurtures artistic expression but also instills a sense of pride within the community as residents witness the wealth of talent that resides in their own backyard.

Additionally, the focus on raising funds and awareness for local charities and community initiatives amplifies the impact of these events. It creates a sense of collective purpose and encourages attendees to actively contribute to the betterment of Surrey. By supporting these causes, individuals feel a sense of fulfillment and shared responsibility for the well-being of their community.

The shared experiences at Russell Brewing’s events contribute to building Surrey’s community mosaic by fostering connections, showcasing local talent, and promoting community engagement and philanthropy. These events serve as catalysts for unity, appreciation, and a stronger sense of community within Surrey.

From the Discover Surrey Team:

If you’re lucky enough to have your visit to Surrey coincide with one of the Russell & Roots concert experiences, grab tickets in advance and get ready for an afternoon of stellar music, amazing entertainment and great food and beer.

Check out Discover Surrey’s page about the event or visit the Russell & Roots Concert Series website for more information about the event. There is so much to see and do! 

Lastly, what inspires you to share Your Surrey through the experiences you help bring to life?​

“Since 1995, Russell Brewing has been passionately crafting beer in Surrey. As pioneers among the initial ten craft breweries in BC, we have continuously strived to be at the forefront of innovation and community engagement. Embracing our unique position as one of Surrey’s select breweries, our mission has been to showcase the remarkable aspects of our city. With unwavering dedication, we have cultivated an extraordinary community of loyal supporters. Our aim is not only to foster connections but also to make a positive impact by giving back to our cherished community.

Building Community

Russell & Roots is in support of Softball City, Surrey Firefighters Charitable Foundation and Lifted A Dallas Smith Charitable Organization. 
LIFTED is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that mental health services are accessible to all and was created by award-winning country music superstar Dallas Smith. Lifted strives to raise funds and gain community support towards destigmatizing mental health issues and championing local organizations to offer and provide assistance and resources to anyone in need.

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