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When you think about your favourite restaurant, we bet you remember more than just the food. A great dining experience is about the way it makes you feel… and on the Spice Trail, you’ll feel like family.

That’s because Surrey’s Spice Trail is focused on the people that make our area so special. Well-known chefs, like Vikram Vij (My Shanti), dedicated cooks, tireless front of house staff, and entire families work together to bring traditional flavours to life in Surrey! It is a labour of love… which is what sets the Spice Trail apart and earned Surrey a place on Food and Wine Magazine’s list of the World’s “Next Great Food Cities”.

Bringing together so many different styles of food underneath one banner is a bit of a metaphor for Surrey, in general. The city is so big and there are so many things to do that it takes a bit of local knowledge to get started. But once you’re here, you’re part of our family, so don’t hesitate to ask what’s good or to say “surprise me” – you’ll probably find a new favourite cocktail with a hint of something you never thought to put in a drink or a dessert that blows your mind!

It’s all about discovery on The Spice Trail!

Surrey is known as one of Canada’s most welcoming and culturally diverse cities. Fortunately for us, and for anyone visiting Surrey (or neighbouring communities, such as Langley, Burnaby, or anywhere in Greater Vancouver), this cultural wealth provides an opportunity to take a culinary tour of the globe just outside your door!

With so many options, we know it can be overwhelming! Do you go with a familiar favourite like Indian, Thai, or Mexican? Or do you try something a little off the beaten path like Nepalese, Jamaican, or Afghan?

That’s where we can lend a hand! The Spice Trail interactive map provides a quick and easy way to search for the best restaurants in Surrey. Search for restaurants near you, filter by type of cuisine or neighbourhood, and get in touch with the restaurant directly to book a table.

Still can’t decide? Tap on a restaurant pin on the map to “Learn More” and you’ll be treated to a travel-blog style description of the restaurant experience and you can hear the story straight from the people who make each experience unique. You will also find images of signature dishes, recommendations, and even a few tips for how to get more out of your experience.

Links to menus, social media, and directions are all in the sidebar, so finding the information is easy… making the decision between all of the delicious options is the tough part!

Surrey, British Columbia has been featured as one of the twelve best emerging cities for food lovers to visit in the world by Food & Wine, and is the only Canadian city to be included in the list. 
Listed among the likes of Marseille, Venice, Kanazawa and La Paz, Surrey made the list for the diversity of global cuisines reflected in the city’s rich food culture. The article is a great introduction to the Spice Trail – Read the full Food & Wine Magazine article here.

The Culinary Spice Trail provides local tips to help you find the best restaurants in Surrey. It is both an interactive map that helps you find out more about local restaurants and a "travel guide" to help you explore the flavours, people, and experiences that inspire Greater Vancouver's most diverse restaurant scene!
A signature dish from My Shanti in Surrey BC
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