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Edible Vancouver & Wine Country

“A Spicy Obsession For Food: The self-guided tour highlights the flavours and international influences that inspire this diverse culinary trail.”

“The Surrey Spice Trail is a gateway to tender Afghani dumplings and Nepalese momos, brothy Mexican birria tacos, Jamaican oxtail stew with dumpling spinners, Korean barbecue and more. The list leans towards North and South Indian restaurants, hardly surprising since Surrey is home to about 60 per cent of the total South Asian population in Metro Vancouver and nearly half the South Asian population in BC. ” ~ Linda Barnard

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Guacamole Mexican Grill - Travel Life MAgazine - Kim Pemberton

Travel Life Magazine

“On the Spice Trail in Surrey, British Columbia”

“Surrey, British Columbia has hundreds of South Asian and multicultural restaurants, but knowing which ones to choose just got easier thanks to the Surrey Spice Trail a new initative by Discover Surrey. The tourism organization has created a self-guided food tour to help locals and visitors experience some of the best cusines the city has to offer, whether it’s in high end establishments or unpretentious, hole-in-the-wall restaurants..” ~ Kim Pemberton

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Vancouver Sun

“Savouring Surrey’s New Spice Trail”

“We’re standing in the parking lot of a Surrey strip mall just like countless others in B.C.’s second biggest city and I’m not, truth be told, entirely sure where we are.

But Discover Surrey’s new Culinary Spice Trail has led us here, and the aroma of ginger and turmeric and chilies lingers in the air, so I know something delicious is in store.” ~ Joanne Sasvari

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For Two Please

“2 Days in Surrey: A Foodie Getaway From Vancouver”

“Food lovers tend to turn to big cities when they are looking for a culinary escape. Big-name chefs often open shops in Metropolitan cities like Vancouver, so it makes sense that they are travellers’ top picks. But if you are looking for diverse and authentic cuisine, big cities are not necessarily the best places to go!” ~ Cat & Kev

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CTV Your Morning

“Every spot you need to visit on your summer trip to British Columbia”

“Spanning 6 neighbourhoods the Spice Trail truly speaks to Surrey’s diversity. It has never been easier to taste your way around one of Metro Vancouver’s most vibrant communities, with a diverse offering of food and drink experiences. ” ~ Fred Lee

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A signature dish from My Shanti in Surrey BC

National Geographic

“Canada is reopening its border. Here’s what travellers need to know”

“Foodies can indulge in a new spice trail in Surrey, British Columbia, that highlights South Asian cuisine through more than 30 restaurants, cafés, and retail stores.” ~ Heather Greenwood Davis

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“The Perfect BC Getaways to Get Rid of Digital Fatigue”

“Surrey has an incredible food scene which has been flavoured with its newest initiative, The Spice Trail. The self-guided Spice Trail is divided into six neighbourhoods and then broken down by dietary options and culinary style.”

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Surrey Spice Trail - Guacamole Mexican Grill

Montecristo Magazine

“Curry, Sambal, Jerk, and Salsa Mark the Way Along Surrey’s Diverse Spice Trail”

“Surrey is among Canada’s most diverse cities, but many of its restaurants, which represent cuisines from India, Afghanistan, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica, and more, aren’t well known outside the community. The new Spice Trail, launched this month by Discover Surrey, the city’s destination marketing organization, aims to change that⁠—by bringing the world to Surrey’s world cuisine.” ~ Carolyn B. Heller

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Surrey Spice Trail - Spice of Nepal

Vancouver is Awesome

“Take a tasty journey along the new ‘Spice Trail’ of restaurants in Surrey”

“It’s never been easier to taste your way around one of Metro Vancouver’s most vibrant communities. A new self-guided food tour has been created to help steer curious food lovers through Surrey’s six neighbourhoods, opening the door to deliciousness spanning numerous cuisines and flavours.” ~ Lindsay William-Ross

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a full plate of rice, meat and veggies at Afghan Kitchen

Bon Vivant Magazine

“Tasty Road Trips Start Here | Surrey’s New Spice Trail Aims to Put the City’s Diversity on the Global Culinary Map”

“The earthy scent of coconut, highlighted by the pungent aromas of turmeric, coriander and cumin, permeates the dining room of Kerala Kitchen in Surrey, a suburb of Metro Vancouver. Before even taking in its red and gold ambiance, it’s those tantalizing smells wafting from the kitchen that make it immediately obvious why Kerala is one of the highlights of the City of Surrey’s new dedicated Spice Trail.” ~ Sandra Thomas

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Dished Vancouver

“Surrey Spice Trail: New initiative features 30+ restaurants and shops”

“We’ve all heard of the Richmond Dumpling Trail, and now there’s a similar initiative launching in Surrey that’s aiming to add a little bit of flavour to your dining routine. The new Surrey Spice Trail makes discovering South Asian and multicultural cuisine easier than ever before.” ~ Hanna McLean

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surrey now-leader

‘Surrey Spice Trail’ showcases flavours of 30+ restaurants, stores and more

“More than 30 restaurants, cafes and retail stores are featured in a new “Surrey Spice Trail” launched by Discover Surrey.” ~ Tom Zillich

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a child explores an exhibit at Artic Voices

Vancouver sun

“5 Great Family Outings with Top Rated Social Distancing”

Lynn Mitges included the Museum of Surrey’s new social distanced experience in this article about activities that are safe for families in and around Vancouver.  Read the entire article here.

A close up of a brown goat

Vancouver Courier

“This ‘cheese trail’ between Vancouver and Harrison let’s you plan your route.”

Sandra Thomas’ story in the Vancouver Courier includes South Surrey’s Beast & Brine by Windsor Meats as a suggested stop on the ‘cheese trail’.  Read more here

Valley Mom information card cartoon graphics

“Your Ultimate B.C. Summer Bucket List: COVID 19-Edition”

Surrey activities are featured in a summer bucket list article that celebrates slowing down and rediscovering your own backyard as a family.   Read more here. 

Fairy Houses in a forest in Surrey BC

604 Now

“This Family Friendly Trail in Surrey Leads You to a Magical Fairyland”

604Now writer Meagan Gill shares the magical fairy forest that is Surrey’s Redwood Park. Read more here