Fusion Fest & Barbados Cultural Association of BC: Roger Moore

Roger Moore’s Lens on The Fusion Fest & Barbados Cultural Association of BC

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Roger Moore is the Acting Vice President of the Barbados Cultural Association of BC.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you lived in Surrey?

“My parents moved to Surrey from Vancouver with me & my sister when I was four years old and my sister was one. I have seen a lot of growth since then with more expansion to come. Definitely looking forward to what more is ahead here in Surrey.”

From the Discover Surrey Team:

What does Fusion Fest look like through your lens?

“Fusion Fest is an excellent way to see and learn about other countries & culture other than one’s own. I say to people all the time that there are four things that will bring people together, especially when languages may differ: Food, drinks, music and sports. Fusion Fest takes care of the first three of these on the list.”

From the Discover Surrey Team:

If you’re lucky enough to have your visit to Surrey coincide with the annual Surrey Fusion Festival, be sure to make time to head to Holland Park and join in the celebration. 

Check out Discover Surrey’s page about the event or visit the Surrey Fusion Festival website for more information about the event. There is so much to see and do! 

What does it feel like to visit the Barbados Pavilion?

“When you come to visit the Barbados Pavilion, it is a warm and vibrant feeling. Barbados when you do get a chance to visit is relaxed by nature, a place where one goes to leave all stress and worries behind. So when you visit our pavilion, expect to feel welcomed by the calm, uplifting feelings all around you.”

From the Discover Surrey Team:

A visit to each pavilion is an opportunity to learn about the country’s culture, sample authentic food and discover arts, music, and more.

How does the shared experience at the event help to build Surrey’s community mosaic?

“I believe the shared experiences of Fusion Fest leads to only positive memories and a showcase for non-Surrey residents. Non-Surrey residents get to see a side of Surrey that maybe they never thought of or did not know exists.”

From the Discover Surrey Team:
  • When you’re not at Fusion Fest, you can still savour authentic international cuisine on Surrey’s Culinary Spice Trail. Check out the interactive map and learn all about signature dishes and dining tips by reading the travel blog article for each restaurant. And don’t forget to check out the array of Spice Trail Cocktails.

What is something people may not know about the Barbados Pavilion and Fusion Fest?


  • Barbados has been a part of the Fusion Fest since the beginning as an original member country.
  • Our D.J. is direct from the island of Barbados so you always experience the latest sounds.
  • If you rate by country size or per capita basis, most people will say Barbados punches
    above it’s weight class. Always rated by the crowds as one of the most fun Pavilions and
    a great time overall.

Lastly, what inspires you to share Your Surrey through the experiences you help bring to life?​

“With the exponential and continued growth of Surrey the need for people to view different countries and cultures coming together is needed. Some people may remember Surrey for farming over the years or a Vaisakhi festival in April. There are so many more layers to explore and by sharing these experiences, people from all over have a chance to come learn through various cultural events. Fusion Fest is a perfect way to showcase Surrey and bring together people and cultures from all around the globe.”


Building Community

The two-day celebration brings together cultural and community groups from around the world as well as more than fifty recording artists and performers. In the eight years since Fusion Fest’s conception, it has grown significantly. What began as just twenty-five humble pavilions has grown to over forty, with more being added each year. There are as many countries represented as there are pavilions.

We think it’s safe to say that Fusion Fest is one international party that will spoil your senses, open your mind, satisfy your hunger, and ultimately rock your world. Be sure to check out their website for everything you need to know regarding the festival! 

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