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Sowjanya Kiran's Lens on North Surrey​

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Surrey Through My Lens” proudly shares authentic photo essays that showcase what it is really like to live in and visit our community from a range of perspectives. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you lived in Surrey?

“Hi! My name is Sowjanya (Sowju for short). I am a content creator and blogger. I like exploring, and even though I visit the same place, I feel it’s different in different seasons.

I like Minions and really enjoy doing minion photography. 💛  I take them everywhere I go and tell stories with them about the places. I also like cooking and I love eating and cooking different cuisines. Last year I started blogging about the food I eat, and cooking recipes, on my Instagram page. My favourite food is Italian, and there are so many options to explore in Surrey.

I have been living in North Surrey since 2020 after we arrived in Canada. I like the King George neighbourhood, it has good transit access (Bus/Metro) and a beautiful park. My favourite is to go for daily walks in Holland Park. BC is beautiful! 😍 It has almost everything from mountains to lakes with beautiful landscapes, which are very easily accessible. I also like walking in the rainforests, and one of my favourite spots is Green Timbers. ☔”

What does North Surrey look like through your lens?

“I feel Surrey is a multicultural place. We get to see people from different regions. We have so many beautiful parks and a big forest, Green Timbers. Green Timbers is a beautiful trail forest, and I love the small pond and picnic area there.

I just love the accessibility of the food and transportation facilities here. 😊 I love living in Surrey!”

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As the beating heart of Surrey, North Surrey brings together an extraordinary blend of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. Here are a few of the Discover Surrey team’s recommended outdoor escapes in North Surrey:

What is one image that showcases how living in North Surrey feels?

Holland Park has a special place in my heart – it gives me so much happiness in all seasons. When we were staying at home during COVID, I could see Holland Park from our window. As things opened up, I used to regularly go for a morning or evening walk. I  experienced my first snowfall and saw fall colours and beautiful spring flowers in this park right in the heart of the city.

Holland Park is so beautiful in every season, and you see many families and parents having fun in summer. I feel safe, relaxed and refreshed walking in this park. There were many big events which took place in the park this year as well.”

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North Surrey’s breadth of experiences make it a natural starting point for exploration. Whether you’re looking for international flavours on the Spice Trail or enjoying a peaceful escape in one of the many parks dotted throughout the neighbourhood, North Surrey has something for everyone:

One of the stops on your itinerary in North Surrey was Central City Fun Park. How does the experience they provide represent Surrey?

“Family fun time or a children’s play date, a friends get-together, celebrating a birthday, or going on a first date, the Central City Fun Park features an amazing place which suits almost every age group. It’s the place to be!

It has an amazing indoor Roller Skating Arena, 😍 and I was totally in wow by how beautiful the venue looked.

There are many arcade games, a miniature golf course, bowling lanes, hologate VR, and more! It’s vast and spacious! And, one great bonus is that it’s located close to the Scott Road Skytrain Station in Surrey.

They have party tables, a party room, a banquet room and facilities for private events. Don’t miss checking out this amazing place and having some fun.”

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Kids activities are also abundant in North Surrey! Fun for the whole family is never far away. In addition to Central City Fun Park, here are a few recommendations from the Discover Surrey team: 

Food is a big part of Surrey's identity - what makes the experience at Di Reggae Cafe stand out to you?

I love to explore different cuisines as I am a big foodie. Di Reggae Cafe is a small gem of Jamaican cuisine👌, and the restaurant is near the Gateway Skytrain station.

I loved the beautiful atmosphere of the place and the great ambience. Both the people and the overall look of the restaurant were so welcoming. 

I really loved their chicken patties, they made a good snack to munch on. It’s a great portion and all of their food looked great. I would totally recommend it and will go back and try some more dishes on their menu👌.”

Recommendations from the Discover Surrey Team:
Di Reggae Cafe brings authentic Jamaican and Caribbean food to Surrey in an authentic and fun atmosphere. In addition to amazing jerk, here are a few of our favourite dishes: 

  • Jamaican patties
  • Oxtail stew
  • Ackee & saltfish

Check out their full writeup on The Spice Trail – a travel blog experience awaits

Lastly, what inspires you to share 'Your Surrey' through your photography?

“During my childhood, my dad and I used to click photos. Now we often have a fun time with family going through those photography albums.

Photography reminds me of my Dad. When I got married, I learned that my husband loves photography as well. He started taking pictures with me and he also helped me to learn more about capturing the surroundings. We arrived in Canada just one month before COVID and it was so hard for me to get adjusted to the new place and get along with day-to-day activities. So I thought, why not start a photography page and try capturing all the memorable frames? I wanted to make it different and fun, so I started taking the photos with my minions (you get to see more on my Instagram page). Most of the photographs have been featured by many social media pages. It’s all the love and appreciation from everyone that keeps me going on.”

See more of Sowyanya's work here:

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