Holland Park

Holland Park

Amidst the towering buildings of downtown Surrey, you will find Holland park. A sharp departure from the bustling city centre, this haven of greenery is a gathering place for many and a perfect example of the diversity and beauty that Surrey has to offer.

If you are headed to an event in Surrey, chances are you are headed to Holland Park. This park plays host to thousands who visit different events each year. From it’s opening in 2008, the park has been the spot for Surrey’s celebration of the Olympic Games, the place to rock out for music festivals, and where you can find Surrey’s cultural celebration Fusion Festival.

Even when there isn’t a huge event taking over the park, Holland park is still a place where people come together. The park is infused with the work of local artists. If you find yourself in the city core, or perhaps shopping at Central City that is right next door, make sure you cross the street and see the beautiful mosaics and Art Nouveau style water fountain by local artist Glen Anderson, as well as several other unique sculptures and installations that Holland park has to offer.

A horticulture heaven, the Holland Park gardens are a wonderful place to stop and smell the roses, or the tulips. A friendship garden of brilliant tulips blooms in the Springtime, symbolising Canada’s friendship with the Dutch that were planted to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands.

Holland park is a place of gathering and community, a place to celebrate Surrey’s diversity whether it is with large events like Surrey’s Fusion Festival, where dances and food from all over the world comes to the park, or quieter gestures like the flowers or the beautiful artwork that can be found there.