Tourism Challenge

Tourism Challenge: Discover Surrey

Welcome to Surrey! There is so much to see, eat, and do while you’re here.

Throughout April 22 to May 31, we invite you to stroll the streets of Cloverdale and partake in our Tourism Challenge Scavenger Hunt.

To receive your stamps, you will need to uncover the secret phrase by solving ten riddles, each one leading you to a new location throughout the area. At every new location, you will find a portion of the secret phrase either taped to the storefront window or, in the case of a few murals, written directly on the wall.

Solve all ten riddles listed below, discover the full phrase and make your way to the Museum of Surrey to earn your stamps. While you’re there, you can earn an ADDITIONAL two stamps for visiting the Musuem of Surrey. That means your excursion through Cloverdale could earn you a total of 5 stamps

Please note that while the businesses of Cloverdale are excited to have you, we kindly ask you respect the employees and other patrons in the area. 

Good luck

Your journey begins at Hawthorne Square (176th street and 57th avenue)

Fun Fact: the statue in front of you, the Cowgirl, is part of an art installation entitled Moments in Time, which consists of three separate granite sculptures strategically placed along Cloverdale’s main street. The artist, Paul Slipper created each piece in celebration of a different aspect of Cloverdale’s historic past. According to the City of Surrey, the Cowgirl “celebrates the enduring tradition of the Cloverdale Rodeo, first started in 1945.”

This neighbourhood is full of wonders, both past and present. As you make your way through the scavenger hunt, don’t forget to take some time to experience all that Cloverdale has to offer. 

Good luck!

First Riddle

It’s time to cross the street but have no fear, your destination will be heaven to the ear.

Second Riddle

Back across the street but don’t make a scene, your next location is mighty green.

Third riddle

So far so good, but don’t fall apart, you’ll find your next clue right at the heart.

Fourth Riddle

You won’t need a passport to get to your next location, but you’ll find that life is beautiful at this French destination.

Fifth Riddle

Next up, behind the CUPE office, a mural of a horse but no stall, your next clue is literally written on the wall.

Sixth Riddle

Don’t quit now, keep moving your feet. You’ll find your next clue at grandma’s antiques.

Seventh Riddle

No need to go far to find your next clue, it’s the third word painted on the yellow mural in front of you.

Eighth Riddle

Wow, you’ve almost completed this entire assignment. You’ll find your next clue amongst beautiful consignment.

Ninth Riddle

You’re almost done, congrats! You’ll find your next clue amongst delicious and rare snacks.

Tenth Riddle

Before you end your journey, take a trip back in time. Your next clue is amongst the vintage, retro and divine.

Put all you've discovered together to make the secret phrase.

You did it!

You’ve got the secret phrase – congratulations to the wise! Now take it to the Museum of Surrey to get your prize!