Russell Brewing

russell brewing

These aren’t your Dad’s beers.

Don’t believe us? Then trust the professionals. Russell Brewing Company has been creating some of the best craft brews since 1995, with small batches, lots of expertise, and barrels of care. Every craft brew is made with natural ingredients, and fresh made to ensure only the best makes it to customers.  

With a diverse lineup, any beer lover is sure to find their new favourite. Russell Brewing features lots of great IPA’s, from their signature Punch Bowl Mango IPA, to their newest addition to the line, Papaya Milkshake IPA. Don’t worry if you don’t have a taste for the bitter hops; Russell Brewing offers some mighty stouts and saisons, awesome ales and pilsners. New additions are always being introduced into the lineup, with classic staple beers that stick around due to their popularity, so you’ll always be good to go with an old favourite.

Russell Brewing is also out and about in the community whenever they’ve got the time between marvelous creations. They are always down for a tap takeover, and love to be a part of local beer festivals, sharing their love for brews and promoting their newest flavours and hop combinations. Loads of stores across the Lower Mainland carry Russell Brewing, so be sure to take advantage and enjoy your suds wherever you can.

If you’ve yet to try Russell Brewing for yourself, you’re missing out! Be sure to check out their blog, where you can keep up with all the going ons and beer ins and outs, browse their beer gear, and learn all about the story of a small craft brewery forging its way into the heart of Surrey. Don’t forget to enjoy some good ‘ol craft brews with your buds with some of Russell Brewery’s finest.