All of Oils

All of Oils

It started with a wedding…

All of Oils is the brainchild of couple Glenn Pineau and Kimm Brickman-Pineau.  The olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting room is a picture of urban elegance – a fun, modern establishment that provides its patrons with the opportunity to taste and sample olive oils in a brand new way.

Glenn is from the film industry, having filled every role from camera trainee to director of photography. Kimm is from the Federal Public Service. Together, the duo have written over 15 film and television scripts and continue to pitch to film industry producers with the view to having them made one day.

Like many great ideas, the clever name of All of Oils was the result of a wine-fuelled brainstorming session. But how did two individuals with such diverse backgrounds stumble upon such a unique venture in the first place? And what’s it like owning a business as a married couple? Glenn and Kimm were kind enough to answer some of our questions.

So, how did it all happen?

When Kimm and I married in August of 2012, my sister gave us a gift pack of flavoured olive oils from a store called Liquid Gold near her home on Prince Edward Island. One taste of the Blood Orange Olive Oil and we fell in flavour-love. (Kimm wanted to use it as a perfumed body lotion but that’s a different story…) So, we called my sister and asked her where she found this stuff, because we had to make sure we could always get it. She told me the good people at Liquid Gold had told her about a store in Vancouver (who turned out to be our new friends at Vancouver Olive Oil Company).

Then, because she knew I’d been looking to transition from a career in the Film Industry, my sister joked that maybe it could be a new business venture for us. Long story short, 227 days later, after tons of research, location searches, frantic construction and 6 weeks of ‘soft open’ operation, we opened our doors!

What would you say are the advantages of working with your spouse?

Working with your spouse might not always be the best scenario, but for us it is great. Having spent so much time together, writing, we have developed a greater understanding of each other’s needs and strengths. Our communication skills are strong and we have a huge respect for each others opinions.  Our schedules are virtually the same and that makes daily life so much easier to plan.

What happens when you disagree?

Disagreements happen. Sometimes we argue but we always put each other’s feelings first and foremost. We might not always agree on something but we do respect each others opinions and we tend to almost always find a solution to a situation that tries to allow for both of us to be comfortable with the choices made. Sometimes it is just easier to trust your partner than it is to argue with them!  Most important though is to never place blame on each other.  

What words of advice would you give to couples embarking on a business together?

Be each other’s business partner, but be each other’s best friend too. Things can get tough sometimes but when you know that the person beside you has your best interests at heart, decisions become easier to make. Have trust in each other and try to find the humour in everything. Laughter is magic!

Laughter and magic. Well, we can’t think of anything better to pair with oil and vinegar. Can you?