West Coast = Best Coast

West Coast = Best Coast

Gotta love local cuisine!

Some would say it’s poutine, maple syrup, butter tarts or at a real stretch, beer… The truth is Canada doesn’t really have a national dish. What you will find is local cuisine that’s unique to each region; food that’s thoughtfully chosen based on the local seasonal harvest, and inspired by a multicultural community and each chef’s global experience.

Here in Surrey, BC there’s no shortage of amazing West Coast cuisine. What makes a meal on BC’s West Coast quintessentially ‘West Coast’?  

Three words: fresh, local, and seafood… lots of it. Chefs in Surrey truly embrace the gifts of the Pacific Ocean, and feature fresh and local seafood whenever possible. From casual to fine dining experiences, Surrey has an array of restaurants featuring food native to the coast of BC.

John Kavanagh is the owner and Executive Chef of Hooked Fish Bar and The Seahorse Grill. Hooked Fish Bar epitomises the West Coast island lifestyle. The family-run Crescent Beach business boasts unobstructed views of the ocean and the #1 chowder in town. Its beachy, casual menu is based on a fishbar theme and features favourites like fish and chips, fish tacos and steamed mussels.

If Hooked is the laidback beachcomber of the family, then The Seahorse Grill is its slightly more upscale sister. After completing his red seal in 1987 Kavanagh traveled extensively throughout Australia and Europe. The Seahorse Grill menu is a blend of international flavours, inspired by Kavanagh’s experiences around the globe and prepared using fresh local ingredients.

Combine casual West Coast fusion with French and Asian flair and you’ve got Fresh Restaurant and Lounge. At this restaurant, ‘Fresh’ is truly a frame of mind, reflected in their new approach to service, the feelings they aim to inspire in their patrons and of course, their food. The menu changes with the season and features contemporary West Coast cuisine like flatbread pizzas, cedar plank salmon, and Korean street tacos. It’s seasonal comfort cooking that draws on local ingredients as diverse as Surrey’s neighbourhoods.

If you don’t agree that the West Coast is the best coast, then you’ve probably never dined in Surrey!