Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

Not Just For Locals

There’s a feeling of mixed emotions when it comes to sharing your city’s hidden treasures with non-locals. On one hand, when you find a restaurant you love you want to write reviews, send your friends there and shout how good your food was from the roof-tops (or your news feed). On the other hand, there’s something sweet about having a special little secret… and knowing that the fewer people you tell means shorter lineups and a guaranteed seat at your favourite table.

But you know what? We’re going to share Surrey’s best-kept-secrets with you anyway, because we’re nice… And it’s our job.

Surrey is home to a plethora of humble, hole-in-the-wall restaurants that epitomise our ethnic diversity (in a really, really delicious way).

Sushi & Roll is the place for quick, convenient and affordable sushi. And let’s be honest, if you’re exploring the Lower Mainland of British Columbia you can’t NOT have sushi at least a couple of times! If you’re dining with friends, then start by sharing the Love Boat which comes with assorted sashimi, nigiri sushi, sushi rolls and miso soup. Another favourite menu item among locals is the Crispy Tuna Volcano Roll.

La Conquistadora is a little mom and pop shop tucked away in a tiny strip mall that serves authentic Mexican and El Salvadorian food. It’s definitely one of those concealed gems that you’d never discover unless someone tipped you off. (You’re welcome!) Bring an appetite or someone to share with because these burritos mean business. Other popular menu items include the chicken tacos, beef tostadas, mole enchiladas, cheese pupusas and chili rellano.

If you’ve never had African food, then Taste of Africa is the place to try it for the first time. On the other hand, if you love African food, you also won’t be disappointed! It’s another local haunt, with limited seating and decor that isn’t anything fancy, but the service is superb and the food is delicious. The flavours in each and every dish are divine, but the dish they’re known for is the chicken with jollof rice and plantain.

Afghan Bakery may sound like a place to stock up on dessert (and it is), but don’t be fooled, because they also do delicious shawarma platters and donairs. If you do order a main meal first, make sure you leave room for one of their amazing desserts, like the super sweet and mouthwatering baklava.

So there you have it: the inside information that’s bound to make our best kept secrets not so secret after all. And we don’t mind… as long as you love them as much as we do!