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Global Gourmet

Eating around the world in Surrey, BC

Fusion. The concept was inspired by the owner who was born to Chinese parents and raised in India.

Of course, there are still plenty of traditional favourites to go around, from Greek, Lebanese and Italian to Portuguese, Caribbean and every kind of Asian cuisine imaginable (Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian, Thai… you name it!)

Chopsticks on Pho is Vietnamese cuisine at its best, a beautiful, modern bistro that’s truly an example of East meets West. Owners Steven and Lynn, partners in both businesses and life, are dedicated to sharing the delicate flavours of home with their patrons. Their menu features the popular Vietnamese staple, Pho, as well as spring rolls, salad rolls or the savoury Vietnamese style, Pad Thai.

Surrey’s South Asian community, who make up over a quarter of the population have contributed greatly to the city’s diverse tapestry. Naturally, this carries over into Surrey’s impressive culinary scene where South Asian food plays an integral part.

Vikram Vij – restaurant magnate, author, sommelier, and ‘Dragon’ on CBC’s Dragons Den – saw the potential for growth, and opened the colourful and cozy My Shanti in 2014. The menu is a reflection of Vij’s personal and culinary journeys throughout India.

Vikram Vij’s journeys are just one chapter in the book of Surrey’s food stories. Because ALL food tells a story. Every dish and every ingredient means something to someone. And that’s where you come in… Sure, visit the restaurant and order the dish. But then talk with the chef. Ask about how the food is traditionally meant to be eaten. Ask him if you’re pronouncing the name of the dish correctly. And if he’s got time, keep him talking. This, my friends, is when your travels really begin.