Our Favourite Pizza Joints

Our Favourite Pizza Joints

Favourite Pizza Joints

Natalino's Pizza

Pick up a pizza and head to the beach! Natalino’s Pizza is located just steps from Crescent Beach and is a favourite of locals and visitors. And who says pizza has to be round? At Natalino’s they serve authentic square Roman-style pizza, which features a soft, yet crispy crust that is almost like flat focaccia bread. Topped with fresh, Italian products and classic Canadian flavours, this is next-level pizza. Try their signature Montanara, with creamy truffle sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, sausage, cherry tomatoes, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and basil. And for dessert be sure to order the Nutella pie … a pizza topped with Nutella and coconut flakes.

12211 Beecher Street | South Surrey

Natalino's Pizza, South Surrey, BC

Favourite Pizza Joints

Tasty Bite Pizza & Indian Cuisine

Locals know that some of the best pizza in town comes from unexpected places. Just down the road from Central City Brewers & Distillers sits the cozy Tasty Bite, home of good pizza, Punjabi Style, as well as delights such as fish pakora and favourite Indian curries. Try the tandoori chicken pizza for a fusion of flavour, or go out on a limb and ask for the Butter Chicken Breadsticks, an off-menu concoction of cheesy herbed breadsticks and a side of butter chicken sauce. Yes, this is what you’ve been looking for all your life. Only in Surrey!

12941 115 Avenue #102 | North Surrey

Favourite Pizza Joints

Captain's Oven

Locally owned and wildly popular, Captain’s Oven Pizza tops the list of many locals all time favourite pizzeria. All Captain’s pizzas are made with hand-tossed Neapolitan crust, topped with fresh and high-quality ingredients, and baked in their handcrafted brick oven. Their extensive menu includes classic favourites, globally influenced pies and a huge vegetarian menu.

111 – 9639 137a Street | North Surrey

Captain's Oven Pizza, North Surrey, BC
Ocean Park Pizza, Surrey, BC

Favourite Pizza Joints

Ocean Park Pizza & Village Pub

Classic tomato sauce, a unique blend of cheese, their famous homemade crust and unique, flavourful toppings are what have made Ocean Park Pizza a favourite among South Surrey residents since 1978. Family runs deep at Ocean Park Pizza and is evident in the several generations working in all aspects of the restaurant. And their pride in what they have accomplished shows in the service and the quality of the food.  

12822 16 Avenue | South Surrey

Favourite Pizza Joints

Uncle Fatih's

Light, crispy crust, rustic ingredients, heavy on the veggies and easy on the cheese just about sums about the pizza pie experience at Uncle Fatih’s. Classic combos share the menu with more unusual offerings like “Beef & Blue Cheese” or “Butter Chicken”.

101-10277 City Parkway | North Surrey

Uncle Fatih Pizza, Surrey, BC
Vegan Pizza House, Surrey, BC

Favourite Pizza Joints

Vegan Pizza House

Vegan pizza so delicious that it satisfies not only those on a vegan diet, but everyone else as well, is what’s on the menu at the Vegan Pizza House. The emphasis is on Italian and Greek dishes, but the pizza is the star of the show, and what brings the regulars back time and again. Made with all-vegan friendly fresh ingredients, the pizzas are loaded with toppings and diners have a choice of a tomato-based or creamy garlic white sauce or a gluten-free crust.

106 – 11267 125A Street | North Surrey

Favourite Pizza Joints

Famoso Neopolitan Pizza

Famoso was forged from a trip to Naples and offers a little slice of Italy right here in Surrey. Made using authentic techniques and the finest ingredients, Famoso stays true to the traditions of serving Neapolitan pizzas. Pizzas are baked in bell ovens at high temperatures (90 seconds at 900ºF) and the result is a soft, crispy crust and perfectly caramelized toppings. From Neapolitan to New World pizzas, you’re sure to enjoy every bite. 

1001-10355 152 Street | Guildford

Famoso Pizza Guildford