Mann & Co. Bakeshop: Jujhar Mann

Jujhar Mann’s Lens on Mann and Co. Bakeshop

Surrey Through My Lens” proudly shares authentic photo essays that showcase what it is really like to live in and visit our community from a range of perspectives. Jujhar Mann is Surrey’s award-winning pastry chef & the owner of Mann & Co. Bakeshop.

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is your personal connection with Surrey? ​

“I’m a Pastry Chef and Owner of Mann & Co. Bakeshop in Surrey. I grew up in Surrey and love all the amazing opportunities available here. As a South Asian male, baking was never encouraged in my culture, but I have had a passion for it since grade 4. I only started baking when I was 18, after completing the first year of my marketing degree. I was stressed, so I created a social media page to showcase my passion. As people started placing orders, I turned my passion into a small business. After that, things moved quickly! After just two years, I had the chance to compete in a Food Network Canada show. I did great and knew then that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So, I attended pastry school and trained under world-renowned chef Amaury Guichon. I started from home, but in December 2022, I opened my first storefront location. Baking was never encouraged in my culture, and now I’m an inspiration for aspiring bakers in the South Asian community. I am known for my artistically elegant, custom wedding cakes, and I have been featured on Food Network Canada, Purdy’s, Petro Canada, Daily Hive, Joy TV, Channel Punjabi, Discover Surrey, Tacari Weddings, Elegant Weddings, Indian wedding buzz, and others. I also received the City of Surrey Sikh Heritage Award.

What does Mann & Co. Bakeshop look like through your lens? ​

“My Bakery/store, Mann and Co Bakeshop, located in Surrey, BC, specializes in delicious wedding cakes, celebration cakes, and desserts with a flair of French and Asian influences. My love for artistic and sophisticated flavour palettes led me to receive professional training from the world-renowned Pastry Chef Amaury Guichon in Las Vegas, Nevada. Being a South-Asian male, baking as a career is not the norm. I hope to inspire other young South-Asian males to follow their passion and dreams because you never know what can happen. What started as an Instagram page and a fun stress-reliever quickly became a full-time career as a professional.”

From the Discover Surrey Team:

Be sure to try the Cardamom Gulab Jamun cake trifle, daily entremet flavours like caramel pecan pretzel, the stuffed cookies (you can’t go wrong with flavours) and the chai macarons!

What is something that helped make Mann& Co. Bakeshop a reality?​

“The support! My family and friends have been by my side since the start, and I could not have done anything without them. My parents helped me both financially and physically to build my bakery dream. Anytime I need them, they are always there to help. I think their support is the most important thing. When I started my baking journey, my sister was the one who stayed up with me baking until 3-4 a.m. If she hadn’t been there with me since the start, maybe I would not have been here today.”

Mann & Co. Bakeshop is a unique piece of Surrey’s community mosaic. How does your community influence what you do?​

“Our goal is simply to put a smile on everyone’s face. It brings us so much joy to hear that our cakes and desserts bring so much joy to our community. With a South Asian background, I love adding an Indian flair to some of our desserts. Sharing some of my culture within the community fills me with joy and purpose.”

From the Discover Surrey Team:

While you are at it, explore the plethora of international dining experiences on Surrey’s Spice TrailDid you know that Surrey was recently named one of the World’s Next Great Food Cities by Food and Wine Magazine?

What is something people may not know about Mann & Co. Bakeshop?​

“Oh, that is a great and tricky question! There is so much work that goes into our baked goods. We bake everything at our bakery from scratch using high-quality and premium ingredients such as pure vanilla, Belgian chocolate, full-fat butter, and much love. I’m a firm believer that any cake or dessert should not only look great but also taste great, and that’s how I feel about our sweet treats.

From the Discover Surrey Team:

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Lastly, what inspires you to share Your Surrey through the masterpieces you create?​

“I’m so grateful and proud of the support I’ve received from everyone, and I just want to be the best version of myself, grow, and improve as a pastry chef daily. I have big goals and dreams, and I’m working towards them step by step.”

Building Community

Mann & Co. Bakeshop also gives back to several organizations in the community. They recently held a fundraiser for humanitarian aid supporting UNRWA’s relief efforts. They have been a sponsor for events like the Coldest Night Of The Year, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Gala of Hope, and regularly support causes related to mental health.

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