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Kiran Kumar's Lens on Newton

Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you lived in Surrey?

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Hey there! My name is Kiran Kumar and I am a software engineer by profession and photography is what I love the most during my free time. I love to travel, explore and try a variety of cuisines. I landed here in Canada in the year 2020, and have lived in Surrey since then. Being in BC, I realized how beautiful nature can be, as we are surrounded by mountains, lakes, and parks which are all easily accessible. Newton is the most convenient place for me as it connects me to my workplace and offers a lot of stores around for our daily needs. We also have a beautiful neighborhood with a lot of parks nearby and it’s just a short hop to King George Skytrain station which connects all the way to Metro Vancouver City.

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What does Newton look like through your lens?

Personally, Newton is one of the areas where I see beautiful autumn vibes all around the region. Imagine walking through the streets and parks with all the colors around you. That gives me a chance to start my game of perspectives and capture the colorful images of people and surrounding neighbourhoods as best as I can. The bus transport connects you to nearby areas to Newton as well as all the way to South and North Surrey including the routes to Langley and Richmond as well. 

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What is one image that showcases how living in Newton feels?

Living in Newton means you are a part of a growing community with diverse culture. There are plenty of things around here in Newton that include several recreations and cultural facilities which offer various programs to the public such as skating, swimming, gym and fitness, and much more. It is amazing to see the development and community growth in this region, there are also parks to spend your evenings or early morning walk or to play sports like soccer, cricket, tennis, and even the BMC track! Newton region is also equipped with the Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Simon Fraser University, library centers, etc. There are a lot of businesses operating in the region that meet your daily needs and there is a good opportunity for small businesses to set up and grow in this region.

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There is no shortage of community and culture in Newton. With a variety of recreation opportunities and diverse local businesses, there are plenty of signature experiences in Newton, such as:

One of the stops on your itinerary in Newton was the Newton Mural Laneway. How does the experience they provide represent Surrey?

Newton’s community is diverse and it is growing rapidly. There is a lot of demand for the business and in order to provide a vibrant environment to the community, there are various programs such as the ‘Mural Laneway’. This laneway is decorated with beautiful mural art by various award-winning artists. When I discussed with Philip and Nick about this program, I understood the vision they had, which was to provide an alley with good vibes, music, and food offered by various vendors in the region and a lot of events – such a great idea. This project is one of many that are being led by the Newton BIA, which collectively opens up plenty of opportunities for the small business community.

Food is a big part of Surrey's identity - as part of your shoot you got to meet the people who bring the experience at Greco Specialty Foods to life. What made it stand out to you?

Greco Specialty Foods is truly a hidden treasure in the heart of Surrey. This is a Mediterranean-Middle Eastern-European gourmet food store and they have a deli, olive bar, dips, napkins, a selection of fine cheeses, and a lot more. The store is beautifully presented, and I have met some amazing people here, the staff is very friendly and they offer you samples to taste and make suggestions to help with your purchase. This is definitely my stop for gourmet food shopping.

Lastly, what inspires you to share Your Surrey through your photography?

I always take photography as a challenge, which allows me to think and look at things from a different perspective and try to represent them in the best possible way to the viewers. I love to try out and mix up different types of photography, be it either landscape, portrait, urban etc and ‘Surrey Through My Lens’ provides me an opportunity where I can showcase the way I see the neighbourhood through my photography.

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