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Our city owes much of its cultural flavour to the contributions made by South Asians who’ve settled in Surrey over the decades, but there’s one neighbourhood where this influence is more evident than ever.

If you’re looking for a live show, a mouthwatering meal or just an overall treat to the senses, then Surrey’s cultural hub should be your cup of Chai! Newton is a centre with incredible diversity, home to shopping, authentic international cuisine, the Newton Cultural Centre and the Bell Performing Arts Centre. The Payal Plaza is known as the Punjabi Market area and houses a wealth of family-run jewelry shops, bridal stores, hair salons, banquet halls, restaurants and sweet shops.

Newton also plays host to one of the largest Vaisakhi Parades outside India, with the celebration usually attracting over 400,000 people!

The neighbourhood also preserves a cherished part of Newton’s heritage. In 1892 Henry Bose purchased what would become one of Surrey’s oldest farms. The 1920s farmhouse he built still stands today!

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