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One of the things that makes Surrey a unique city is its mix of urban, suburban and rural landscapes. The growing metropolis of Guildford epitomises this extraordinary blend, from the tranquil forest of Tynehead Regional Park and the waterfront views of Surrey Bend Regional Park to Guildford Town Centre, the second largest shopping centre in British Columbia.

Yes, it’s truly a shopaholic’s paradise, but the bustling neighbourhood has more! In addition to fantastic shopping, Guildford boasts plenty of accommodation options and dozens of unique restaurants making it the perfect choice for anyone craving a short city break.

The Gateway to Surrey was also home to an old decorated Douglas Fir that was widely referred to as ‘Charlie’s Tree’. This beloved landmark was a memorial that World War 1 veteran Charlie Perkins created for his four fallen comrades, and while the tree may have fallen and been replaced with a memorial, the memory of his friends and the meaning behind the tree will live on forever.