Jenny at Cuatro Coffee

For most coffee lovers, the process of making or ordering and then (most importantly) drinking that initial cup of joe is a daily ritual. There’s nothing like that first sip to brighten your outlook and curb that pesky caffeine-craving headache.

But do you ever wonder about the person behind that steaming cup of sustenance you so greatly rely on? Would you be shocked if we told you that not all baristas are liberal arts majors? That’s right. Here in Surrey, the locals behind your favourite espresso bar are as varied as… well, the coffee menu!

We talked to Jenny, a barista at Cuatro Coffee. This popular cafe in Surrey’s Fleetwood neighbourhood is known for their fresh, tasty coffee and delightful goodies made in-house.

How did your involvement in the world of coffee start?

Working at Cuatro Coffee was my first job ever and I’ve been here since. I started this job with no passion or knowledge about coffee whatsoever, but through the years that I have been here, I am so grateful to have learned a lot about coffee and expanded my knowledge about it.

Are you a self-taught barista, or do you have any training?

To be honest, I want to say a little bit of both. I did have training three years ago when Cuatro Coffee first opened, but through my journey here at Cuatro I have taught myself certain things and found my way of doing things as well. Through the training that I had, I grew as a person. I used the skills that I learned such as working with people and applied that to my everyday lifestyle.

What’s your favourite type of coffee?

I like all types of coffee, but if I were to pick one I would say flavoured lattes. Cuatro Coffee’s Vanilla Caramel Latte is a great example. That drink has the right amount of sweetness from the house made caramel that balances really well with the chocolate and nutty flavours from the coffee beans. It will definitely have you coming back for more.

What type of drink do you enjoy making the most?

Lattes, ’cause I like you a-latte! The one thing that makes me so happy is seeing the customer’s reaction when they have received a heart or a rosetta art on their latte.

Tell us a bit about the person behind the barista. Are you in school? What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I’ve been working at Cuatro Coffee for three years now (ever since it opened!) I am currently in school doing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Trinity Western University. My goal is to travel to third world countries and help those who cannot afford health care and provide them the care that they need for free. Honestly, I don’t know where I see myself in my five years. I hope to be working in a hospital specializing in either maternity, ER, or OR nurse for a few years and then getting my master’s degree and becoming a nurse practitioner.  

What do you like most about living in Surrey?

What I like most is that everything is very accessible. I am able to walk to the places that I need to go to and finish up my chores within a span of an hour because of how close everything is to where I live.

To taste one of Jenny’s Vanilla Caramel Lattes visit Cuatro Coffee. They also offer dairy alternatives such as coconut and almond milk, as well as a great selection of gluten-free desserts!