Honeybee Centre

Honeybee Centre

It’s as sweet as it sounds...

Do your children have a sweet tooth? We’re guessing the answer is yes, because let’s get real, what kid doesn’t go ga-ga for a bit of sugar? Cutting back on refined sugar and looking for healthier sweetener alternatives is an ongoing battle in many households.

Enter honey.

This sweet and sticky treat has twice the nutritional value of sugar, and it’s sweeter, which means you don’t have to use as much. How does your family like their honey? Over oatmeal? Spread liberally on toast? Snuck into a smoothie? Regardless of how honey is enjoyed, we’re betting that your little ones don’t put a lot of thought into where their honey actually comes from.

What if we told you that they could actually see it for themselves? That’s right. The whole shebang.  

Surrey’s own Honeybee Centre acts as a fun and exciting hub for honeybee education. And there’s a lot to learn, from how the bees live, work and produce their honey, to the important role they play on a grander scale. Bees, who pollinate a third of the food consumed by humans, play a vital role in sustaining earth’s ecosystems. These little guys are more than just a cute, fuzzy face; they’re the guardians of the whole food chain!

As a crew who are metaphorically up to their necks in honey, the team at the Honeybee Centre know exactly what makes it a great place to visit with the family.

“Honeybee Centre is first and foremost a farm,” they explained to us. “We established in 2000 as a commercial honey farm and opened our doors to the community to educate and entertain them with a fun and authentic experience. We offer public presentations with live beekeeping demos, honey tasting, a live observation hive for viewing and a brand new ‘Beestro’ serving healthy honey-inspired meals, so you can come and enjoy a full morning or afternoon on our farm with the family!”

And what about the kids with a strong aversion to bees? The team is confident that they’ll be won over, in fact, they’ve seen it first hand:

“Usually with a little information and patience, they come around and realize how gentle and sweet these honeybees are!”

While they love working with bees, interacting with kids as part of their job is also entertaining!

“One of the funniest things about the kids that have been to Honeybee Centre in the past is the things that they remember. It’s not the observation hive, the free honey stick we gave them or the rows of golden liquid; it’s the fish pond in our Beestro! 80% of kids that come through the door make a ‘beeline’ to the fish pond to catch a glimpse of our goldfish and koi! Perhaps we missed the mark – next time we’re opening a fish farm!”

If you’re looking to create some lasting memories for your family, then look no further. Honeybee Centre is one little flower you’ll definitely want to land on.