For The Love of Dance

You’ve seen the words before… on Pinterest, in your Facebook feed, maybe even tattooed on a friend.

Dance like no one is watching.

But what if they are?

What if adjudicators from around the globe are critiquing your every step? What if you are dancing for one of three valuable scholarships? What if your performance could secure you one of nearly fifty coveted trophies?

This is the reality for over 10,000 dancers as they prepare to compete in one of North America’s largest amateur dance competitions. For many, a year of tireless dance training will culminate this spring with The Surrey Festival of Dance, which runs from April 1 – 27 and covers all the dance disciplines you’re familiar with, as well as some you’ve probably never heard of! Ballet, Contemporary/Modern, Jazz, Street, Lyrical, Tap & Stage, Song & Dance, Studio Productions, International, authentic and unauthentic…

But The Surrey Festival of Dance is more than just an excuse for dancers to perform in front of an audience and compete for prizes. It’s an opportunity for them to be further enriched and educated, and to increase their awareness in their chosen discipline. International adjudicators oversee each dance section, allowing the dancers to benefit from their expertise and wealth of knowledge. After each performance, the dancers are evaluated and receive personally written critiques from the adjudicator. Masterclasses are also held in each discipline.

Each dance discipline will have selected placement winners, but there is more at stake…There are three scholarships available to be won, as well as various trophies and plaques that are given out each year. The Festival will close with an ‘Honour Performance’ evening on May 11 in which dancers and groups that represent all the dance disciplines are recognized for their achievements.

This year’s Surrey Festival of Dance is shaping up to be one of the biggest events in its history with more dancers and studios taking part than ever, and after 4 years the public is finally permitted entry to watch these incredibly talented performers.

If you loved shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars’, then you won’t want to miss The Surrey Festival of Dance. After all, nothing beats a live performance!

A $10 “show pass” grants admission to all performances and includes a 170-page program. General admission is $2 per person, per session, or free for kids aged five and under. Admission fees go into scholarship funds for the dancers.

For a detailed schedule of events visit Surrey Festival Of Dance

Photo Courtesy of Surrey Festival