Guildford’s Green Giant

Tucked away in the North East corner of Surrey along the Fraser River is an 860-acre oasis that goes by the name of Surrey Bend Regional Park (17775 104 Avenue). It took the City of Surrey and several volunteer groups over 20 years to cultivate, preserve, and develop the land so that it could be opened in 2016 as one of the city’s largest public parks. According to then Metro Vancouver Board Chair Greg Moore, the park “offers a tremendous opportunity to protect a unique ecosystem, and to allow residents to experience and understand the historic landscape of the Fraser River floodplain.” Surrey Bend was the first new park to be opened in nearly a decade.

Upon opening the park to the public, the hope was that through environmental education and community stewardship the park would instil the importance of protecting the natural environment. The stretch of the Fraser River along which the park sits is one of the few remaining areas left undisturbed by dykes. By following the multi-use paths throughout the park, visitors can observe the natural flow of the river and the wildlife that thrives in and around it.

The park offers 5 kilometres of walking trails and 3 kilometres of dedicated cycling paths. Complete with a nature playground, picnic shelters, and incredible waterfront views from the trails, it’s an ideal destination for a fun outdoor adventure.

Surrey is growing fast. As the city evolves and matures, it’s increasingly important that we don’t take the natural environment for granted. After all, it was here before us and it will be here long after us. It’s not just about environmental preservation, either. Parks are good for your mental health. Cities with more green space report lower rates of depression and increases in long-term happiness.

Take advantage of all the lush green space your city has to offer. We’re lucky to live in a place that understands the importance of protecting it, and it’ll brighten your day!