New Year, New Things to Do and Discover in Surrey

We love the promise of January … it’s a whole new year, a clean slate … and really, who doesn’t want to see 2021 fade into the sunset!? You’ve heard of people’s bucket lists and the goal of accomplishing 30 new things in your 30th year, or 50 in 50, or … well, you get the picture. We thought it would be fun to kick off the new year with a list of must do’s when you’re visiting Surrey.


Kick-off the New Year with a Great Cup of Coffee

(Discover a New Favourite Coffee Shop)

A good caffeine buzz is critical before you spend your day discovering all that is awesome about Surrey! And lucky for you there are a few spots in Surrey that are roasting their own beans and pouring a truly remarkable cup of joe. Whether you like it pure (just the coffee, thank you) or fancy (all the extras, please), you’ll find the perfect cup of coffee in Surrey.  Try Kaffina Coffee for a perfect cosy atmosphere and premium pour-over coffee that brings locals from all over as Kaffina is committed to serving you a cup of coffee that is perfect for you.  Here are more of our favourite coffee shops.


Take in a Show

(Experience a New Performance)

Surrey Civic Theatres have released their winter schedule and it sounds sensational! Get inspired and be entertained by a wide range of performances – everything from classical music, laugh-out-loud comedy, thought-provoking films—even an intimate evening with Canadian icon, Mary Walsh! Is dinner and a show more your style? Don’t miss the Royal Canadian Theatre Company’s presentation of “Eat Your Heart Out” – Jan 27 – 29, 2022. This light-hearted show is on stage at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel and is about, well …. an actor/waiter in a restaurant.  Enjoy the show while enjoying a three-course gourmet meal.


Explore the Life and Legacy of Tsleil-Waututh Chief Dan George

(Learn Something New About a Local Icon)

This exhibit at the Museum of Surrey, explores the life and legacy of Tsleil-Waututh Chief Dan George (1899 – 1981), including his influence as a First Nations rights advocate and his career as an actor. Raised on the Burrard Indian Reserve #3, the son of hereditary chief George Sla-holt, Dan George (born Geswanouth Slahoot) spent much of his life working as a longshoreman and logger and did not start his acting career until in his 60s. During the 1960s and 70s, he appeared in many television, movie and stage productions in which he worked to promote a better understanding of Indigenous people and challenged their common portrayal on-screen. Although focused on Dan George, this exhibition will also delve into significant events and individuals in the Indigenous rights movement in BC and Canada. The exhibit runs until April 24, 2022, in the Museum’s Indigenous Hall.


Take a Trip on Surrey’s Spice Trail

(Try a New Cuisine)

Surrey is known as one of Canada’s most welcoming and culturally diverse cities, and the Spice Trail is a great way to experience a culinary tour of the globe without having to leave the city! With so many options we know it can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Do you go with a familiar favourite like Indian, Thai, or Mexican and just try a new dish? Or do you try something completely out of your comfort zone, like Nepalese, Jamaican, or Afghan? No matter what you decide, your tastebuds will thank you.


Go Forest Bathing

(Find a New Place to Escape and Relax)

Surrey is the second-largest city in BC by population, but fortunately, it’s also the largest by land area. This means that when you need a break from all the people (and by the end of the holidays, don’t we all?), that our urban forests make it easy to escape into the woods without having to leave the city. And did you know that spending a little time surrounded by trees is actually proven to help lower blood pressure and heart rates? The phenomenon is called forest bathing, and it’s a Japanese practice of simply being among trees.  Head to Green Timbers Urban Forest with its whopping 10 kilometres of walking trails, or Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest‘s 130 hectares and natural second-growth forest when it’s time for a little forest time.


Immerse Yourself in Art

(Uncover Surrey’s New and Exciting Exhibits)

Visiting an art gallery is a wonderful and memorable experience, and Surrey has some great ones. Take your time, enjoy yourself, and let your mind take in the exhibits. Don’t really understand the art? That’s okay! Think about how each piece was made. What do you think the artist was feeling? How do you feel when you’re looking at a piece?  The Surrey Art Gallery displays contemporary art through changing exhibitions and permanent artworks, and has three exhibits this winter, each very different and thought-provoking in its own ways. And the Mind and Matter Gallery, nestled amongst 100-year-old cedars displays paintings, wood carvings, stone sculptures, fibre arts, clay and more.


Go Birdwatching

(Spot a New Feathered Friend and Get Out Into Nature)

Did you know that over 200 species of birds call Surrey their home at one time or another throughout the year? That’s a whole lot of feathers and why Surrey’s on the South Fraser Bird Trail! Grab your binoculars and your camera and download a birding app like Merlin or BirdNET, and see how many different bird species you can spot! And once you’ve spotted your birds, be sure to upload your sightings to eBird, a global citizen database-driven bird watching resource. Not only can you upload your finds, but you can also use eBird to discover what birds to look out for in Surrey’s top bird-watching spots.