Instagram Guildford

Guildford has a bit of everything, whether you’re a shopaholic or a nature addict. That makes it the perfect place to build up your Instagram without having to use too much gas. We’ve compiled a few places that will round out your social media profile while giving you a fun way to spend your day.

Seasons in the Park

The lights on the Tynehead Overpass are actually an illuminated public artwork called Seasons in the Park. When the sun goes down on the pedestrian and bicycle overpass from Tynehead Park, the lights come on and the entire bridge becomes a piece of art. Inspired by the fluid shape of the overpass and the natural landscape in which it is anchored, the artist, John Webber drew on colours from the leaves, flowers, and water in Tynehead Park. The lighting effects change in response to different seasons and events.

Tynehead Regional Park

Tynehead Park boasts over 260 hectares of meadows and paths that wind through the forest on the banks of the Serpentine River. Filled with wildlife and trees with changing colours, it’s a beautiful spot for photographers and nature lovers alike. Explore the trails and bridges and keep an eye out for curious chickadees who have been known to land on your hand for a bird-safe treat!

Port Mann Bridge

Try your hand at architecture photography by capturing the industrial symmetry of the Port Mann bridge. Guildford gives you the opportunity to view the bridge from different angles. For now the only way to get close to the bridge is off of Highway 17, but the city is currently developing a park called Port Mann Park that will give unobstructed views of the bridge in the near future.

Surrey Bend Regional Park

Balance out that industrial architecture with some dose of mother nature. Surrey has dozens and dozens of parks, but none quite like Surrey Bend Regional Park (17775 104 Avenue). Over 4 kilometres of trails spread across 900 acres of preserved nature means lots of variety as you stroll through the park. Keep your eyes out for that perfect shot, we recommend stopping by at sunset. And be sure to snap a pic on the “bridge-bench”, a stunning wooden art installation that provides an opportunity to sit and take in the view.

Guildford Town Centre

You don’t need to drive to Vancouver for that trendy urban city-life shot. Guildford Town Centre’s (10355 152 Street) chic exterior lends itself to photography perfectly. The interior is also filled to the brim with thoughtful design inspired by the natural beauty of British Columbia and colourful murals. The architectural design company that renovated the shopping centre, Ivanhoe Cambridge, wanted to instil “excitement and a sense of discovery as one strolls through the plazas, sidewalks or concourses of the centre.”

The Foliage Wall at Arts Nursery

Plants are super on-trend these days! They’re green, they’re gorgeous and they make everyone look good in a selfie! Not only does Arts Nursery have beautiful plants (and plant accessories, and home decor), they have created an incredible foliage wall which makes a perfect backdrop for that Instagram pic. In fact, almost every corner of Arts is photo-worthy, from the foliage wall and the “breathe” hanging plant wall to the Cactarium. And while you’re there, be sure to pick up a new plant friend to bring home.