Fido Runs Free at Surrey’s Off-Leash Parks

As we head into fall and the leaves begin to change colour, your furry best friend will still want to explore! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite off-leash dog parks and dog-friendly walking trails that are accessible throughout the fall season and offer a variety of services. Let us know if we missed your pups favourite park! 

Wills Brook Park
2955 160 Street

Wills Brooks Park is a 7km park surrounding Wills Brook in South Surrey. Inside the park, there is a 1.2km off-leash dog park. The park is closed off with a fence and contains a mix of both grass and gravel. Connected to the greater park via forest trails, there is even a bridge that crosses the brook into the forest! The salmon spawn begins in the fall and the bridge is an excellent spot to watch. Wills Brook Park has a delightful mix of nature to keep both you and your dog entertained!

Blackie Spit Park
3136 McBride Avenue

Located at Crescent Beach in South Surrey, Blackie Spit Park is a fenced dog park connected to the beach trails. The park has a fully-fenced off-leash beach access point so your pooch has safe access straight to the water! The park also leads to the 5km dog-friendly nature trail which loops around but dogs must be leashed on the nature trail. Please note that dogs are not allowed on the beach/nature trails from May 15th to September 15th, but are allowed in the dog park year-round. 

Clayton Dog Off-leash Park
7011 188 Street

Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park is one of the largest off-leash parks in Cloverdale! It is about 3 acres and features a paved perimeter path around an enclosed area so you are able to walk your dog on an off-leash route. The rest of the park is made up of on-leash pathways. Fun fact: Clayton Dog Off-leash Park even has separate enclosed areas depending on the size of your dog. There is one for small dogs and another enclosed space for larger pups.

Hawthorne Rotary Park
10513 – 144 Street

Hawthorne Rotary Park is located in the City Centre region of North Surrey. The park has an enclosed dog park along with leashed nature trails and gardens and will be undergoing some renovations in 2019 to improve the overall look and add additional amenities to the park. The updates to the existing off-leash dog park include natural play features like logs and boulders and improvements to the fencing in the off-leash area. 

Freedom Dog Park
15452 – 84 Avenue

Freedom Dog Park is located in the Fleetwood neighbourhood nestled between residential areas. The dog park is 3 acres and it is open for any dog to roam free. The off-leash area contains a mix of grass and gravel and the balance of the park includes a variety of on-leash forest trails. The walking trails are the perfect place to walk and enjoy the changing colours. Please note that while most of the park is fenced, there are a few sections with gaps so keep an eye on your pup! 

Tynehead Regional Park
17200 Block of 96 Avenue (Hatchery Parking Lot)

Tynehead Regional Park is a large park in the Guildford neighbourhood with a small portion of it sectioned off for off-leash dog activities. The off-leash dog area is 6 acres and has a 750-metre pathway circling the park that is designed for off-leash running with your pup. The off-leash areas connect with the rest of the 260-hectare park by a variety of on-leash pathways. The Serpentine River located in the park is also a salmon spawning location so it makes for a fun and educational fall visit!