A dose of history with your coffee?

Tucked away in a quiet residential area of Cloverdale, hidden behind trees and an unassuming wooden fence, is the Boothroyd Heritage House. Built, in 1873, and restored in 2007, the house is now home to a cosy coffee shop, fittingly named, Boothroyd Heritage Coffee.

Boothroyd House is the oldest building in the Surrey Centre area, the city’s first true town centre, and is a valuable link to Surrey’s first development. After acquiring 65 hectares, pioneer settler George Boothroyd built his family home at the junction of the historic “Five Corners,” in Surrey Centre, beside the original Coast Meridian Road (now 168th Street), one of the earliest roads in Surrey.  The Boothroyd’s were the second family to settle in this area of Surrey. George Boothroyd was an active community member, serving on the early Municipal council and the first School Board.

“Because the settlement of the Boothroyd’s predates road construction in Surrey, the house is valued because it is a reminder of building methods and acquisition of resources for construction early in the community’s development. The original portion of the house is built of logs; finishing lumber for the house was milled in nearby communities and floated along the Fraser and Nicomekl rivers then hauled to the building site. The house remains as a testament to the difficulty of construction in this once-remote area and the determination of its early settlers.” (HistoricPlaces.ca)

The history of the house lends itself to creating the atmosphere of a one-of-a-kind coffee house that is a firm favourite of locals and visitors. Boothroyd Heritage Coffee serves fresh, organic and fair trade coffee, roasted weekly at Moja Coffee on Vancouver’s North Shore.  And with a talented team of personable baristas, you can enjoy everything from your basic (but excellent) drip coffee or cappuccino, to soul-warming creations like the Lavender London Fog Latte or a White Chocolate Almond Mocha!  Enjoy your coffee (or tea) with a baked treat, in the cosy sitting area, or take it outside to their sun-drenched patio. 

Boothroyd Heritage Coffee
16811 60 Avenue, Surrey

Monday to Thursday: 7 am-9 pm
Friday: 7 am-6 pm
Saturday to Sunday: 8 am-6 pm
Holidays: 8am-5pm