Chaat: Where to Find our Favourite Indian Snacks in Surrey

Chaat is having a moment in Surrey and we couldn’t be happier!  What is “chaat” you ask? Essentially it is a savoury snack that originated from street vendors in Mumbai. Typically served at roadside train tracks from stalls or food carts, chaat hits all of the taste elements, sweet, salty, savoury, crunchy, spicy and is the ultimate craveable snack!  And Surrey just happens to be the place to get the best chaat in the region, with many of our South Asian restaurants including traditional, or their interpretation of, chaat on their menus.

Some of our favourite chaat can be found here:

My Shanti
The proprietor, Vikram Vij, is a master of experience, and entering My Shanti offers a feeling of homecoming. The main dining area is dominated by a beautiful tapestry of rural India, and the menu is a reflection of Vikram’s personal and culinary journeys around India.

We recommend: Udiapuri Chaat – Eggplant and sweet potatoes that are deep-fried, tossed with spinach and mint, served with three chutneys and topped with crispy rice puffs.

Apna Chaat House
Like an Indian street market experience, there is nothing subtle about the food at Apna Chaat House—this is party food, delicious snacks that are easy to share and easier to love.

We recommend:  Samosa Chaat – 2 crunchy samosas served with chole (chickpea curry), yoghurt and chutneys.

Anmol Sweets
The unassuming Anmol is a vegetarian restaurant and sweet house with a menu full of Indian snacks, street food, and northern dishes.

We recommend: Aloo Tikki – Crispy on the outside with a warm potato stuffing with herbs and spices.

Chacha’s Tandoor & Grill
There’s a saying, “Nothing brings people together like good food” and at Chachas, the goal is to make sure that every bite makes you want to go back for more!

We recommend: Gol Gappay Shots – Crispy pooris (unleavened deep-fried bread spheres) stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas and chutneys served with tangy flavoured water. 

Chatora – Indian Cuisine
In the heart of historic Cloverdale, Mohit and his wife are sharing some of the finest Indian food in Surrey. Made with painstaking preparation and healthy ingredients, Chatora is a gateway to good food best enjoyed with friends.

Must-try dish: Awsmosa Two-Way Chaat – 2 crispy samosas served with yoghurt and chutney, and Chana and chutney

Delight Indian Bistro
A relative newcomer to Surrey’s food scene, Delight Indian Bistro is making a name for itself by serving age-old family recipes with a modern twist.

We recommend: Chaat Papri with Bhalla – Crispy flakes mixed with dahi Bhalla (lentil dumpling) chickpea & potatoes, dipped in yoghurtand served with tamarind chutney.

For more about the popularity of chaat in Surrey, read this recent CBC article, “Chaat is the Talk of the Town in Surrey“.