Island Life

In a city where travelling by car is often considered a necessity, Barnston Island is a breath of fresh (exhaust-free) air. This true hidden gem is a haven for those who yearn to venture off the beaten path. (Bonus points for those who prefer exploring on two wheels!)

Like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the Barnston Island Ferry awaits you at the northeast end of 104 Avenue. This ‘ferry’ is nothing more than a wooden barge with a capacity of five cars and fifty-two people. Its schedule? Non-existent. The little boat runs by demand and the crossing time is a short and sweet five minutes.

One thing you need to know before discovering Barnston Island is that there is no public parking. That’s right. None. Don’t worry, though. A car won’t be necessary! We suggest parking in the gravel lot in front of Surrey Bend Park and exploring the island by foot or by bike. It won’t take long to travel the quaint island’s 9.8 km perimeter loop. The road is flat and perfect for a family ride. 

Barnston Island is rich in agricultural land and Aboriginal history. It’s no surprise, considering that its 150 residents are either members of the laid-back farming community or The Katzie First Nation. At the northern tip of the island is Roberts Point Regional Park, a picturesque destination and an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic and a view of the Fraser River. Be sure to bring your picnic with you, as there is nowhere on the island to purchase food.

Officially, the rogue little island belongs to no municipality, but if you look closely at the incoming mail, you’ll notice ‘Surrey, BC’ on many of the envelopes. Sure, this sweet piece of land might not officially belong to us, but we’re happy to pretend it does!