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TrueAthlete: Kyla Benz

Kyla Benz throws like a girl.

Think that’s an insult? Think again.

In the summer of 2016, Surrey hosted the WBSC XV Women’s World Softball Championships at Softball City in South Surrey. Canada’s largest fastpitch event attracted national women’s teams from over thirty nations. The female competitors that travelled to Surrey from far and wide are truly in a league of their own.

Kyla Benz, a Surrey native who was called up to play for team Canada, is no exception. We talked to her about growing up in Surrey as an athlete…

To Benz, Surrey has always been about family and community. The city’s in her roots, after all. Her grandparents made the decision to move to Surrey in 1959 and never looked back. As for Benz, she was born in Surrey Memorial Hospital in 1990 and has lived here her entire life. Benz hasn’t just chosen Surrey as the host city of her endeavors. Like her family before her, she too has decided to reside here long term.

“Living in Surrey as a second generation Surrey resident, I have always been provided with the necessary tools and opportunities to pursue my goals and aspirations,” she explained. “Having traveled to many places, Surrey is always where I come home.”

There’s a lot Benz loves about Surrey, but the city’s devotion to the development of parks and recreation, something she benefited from directly while growing up here, ranks high.

“As a youth in the community, my family involved me in sports at a young age. I have probably utilised every soccer and softball facility Surrey has from a young age!”

As a community, Surrey has given Benz a lot, and now she’s giving back.

“I have always been a volunteer in youth sports within my community and feel it is important to give back because I have received so much.”

Surrey continues to be committed to providing access and opportunities to young people interested in sports. Running in conjunction with the WBSC XV Tournament that Benz recently competed in was the Canadian Open Fastpitch Championship. The Canadian Open Fastpitch Society promotes the development of fastpitch by enabling young women to strive for personal excellence.This event was a fantastic opportunity for up-and-coming young female athletes to perform for hundreds of college and university scouts and be given the chance to be considered for scholarships to some of the top schools in North America.

It goes without saying that here in Surrey we’re big fans of women’s fastpitch and the dedicated athletes that contribute to making Surrey such a great city for sport.