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Celebrating Surrey’s Culture Mosaic

Celebrating Surrey’s Culture Mosaic

It is no secret that visible minorities make up over 45% of Surrey’s population and over 95 languages are spoken within the region’s borders. Surrey takes great pride in its incredible diversity and offers a variety of choice for residents and visitors who are interested in experiencing authentic multicultural events, cuisine, shopping and services.

Holi Colourfest, a traditional Indian holiday, is celebrated in the spring and is a perfect example of an event that encourages and preserves positive diversity.

In December of this year shoppers seeking distinctive items with an international flair can skip the outlet malls and chain stores and head to Little India, a new shopping and business development that sits on four acres of land in Newton. Newton is fast becoming known as the best place to shop for brides and grooms who want a Southeast Asian theme or flavour on their special day.

Whether you are at a festival, shopping or just passing through, a culinary experience representing almost every nationality awaits in Surrey. From acclaimed restaurants such as Vikram Vij’s, My Shanti to mom and pop shops throughout the region, there is an astonishing array of multicultural eateries that are yet to be discovered by the gourmands of BC.