International Children’s Festival

Surrey international children's festival

Inspiring Young Hearts and Minds Through the Arts

As Canadians, we celebrate our diverse cultural heritage, and the growth of our younger generations to learn and explore what this country, and this planet, has to offer. In Surrey, this isn’t any different, and we want to inspire our children to greater possibilities. This is where the Surrey International Children’s Festival comes in.

The Surrey International Children’s Festival strives to inspire and encourage children to become patrons of the arts, and has been doing so for the past fifteen years. There isn’t a lull in inspiration during the three day festival, thanks to the loads of activities and workshops available. With a crowd counted at over 20,000 the past years, promoting the diversity of the community and performing arts continues to be recognized for its outstanding community engagement.

The influence of the festival surpasses just those incredible three days. The Festival’s Community Roots outreach programs promote growing deep roots in the community, with sponsoring arts programs in the community. Over 300 volunteers help out every year, the majority of which are local youth! In addition to its success in the city, Surrey International Children’s Festival is recognized under the Canadian Children’s Festival Association, which includes all major children’s festivals across Canada.

The festival has been inspiring young hearts and minds for over fifteen years, and continues to be a point of influence and encouragement for the diversity of the community, and the support of children’s creative growth. With over 20 different art activities available and a day dedicated for young minds between the ages of newborns to 12 years old, this festival truly is one for the history books.