We Captured Crescent Beach!

On August first, known to residents of British Columbia as BC Day, we hosted an Instameet with local photographer @goodkarmaguy with the aim of bringing together the Instagram community, and to take some awesome photos! We toured Crescent Beach, and got off the beaten path and discovered some beautiful places hidden behind Blackie Spit!  Here are just a few of the snapshots captured by the amazing photographers that came out to the event! Check out the #TrueSurrey hashtag on Instagram to see more!


Our co-host @goodkarmaguy snapped this beautiful photo of the iconic tree along the boardwalk of Crescent Beach!


@islandboy61‘s capture of the Crescent Beach Water Pump station reflection is absolutely dreamy!


A beautiful ‘thank you’ to the salmon habitat rehabilitators along the Blackie Spit trails, taken by @kim.jinaa_jfamilyphotography!


“Serenity at her best, truly!” We LOVE this @nina.wood photo from the Instameet!


A little photo of paradise by @colleen.diggle!


The Dunsmuir Community Gardens are a true hidden gem! This bloom was beautifully captured by @eileendreams!


“Blackie Spit vista” captured by @eleventhandqueens_studio!


“Tiny homes in the sky,” the community gardens are home to honeybees, bunnies, and birds, too! Photo by @jojoskier55

“Crescent Beach sunset on a beautiful BC Day holiday!” Photo by @delorean_mike.


One of the best views in the Lower Mainland taken by @lorene1voice!