If you’ve got serious love for this beautiful city we live in, then join the club. No really! Whether you live in Surrey, or visit occasionally to eat at your favourite restaurant, or explore a new park, we’re inviting YOU to share what you love about the city.

We’re talking about #TrueSurrey. You may have seen this little hashtag at the end of all of our Facebook posts, or mixed in with a bunch of other hashtags on Instagram, but what exactly is #TrueSurrey? It’s a symbol for residents who are proud to call Surrey their home. It’s a sign that says: this is something I LOVE about Surrey. In a city so big, it’s practically impossible to know about all the hidden gems and local spots, and #TrueSurrey is a way to let other visitors and residents alike know that they need to check this place out.

So how do you get in on all this awesome Surrey love? Whether you’re sending out a Tweet, or posting a photo on Instagram, be sure to include #TrueSurrey somewhere in the caption. From there, you can browse through the hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what others have posted. We also like to share a weekly round up of photos on Facebook every weekend!

Want to see what others love about Surrey? We’ve set up a gallery to catch all those beautiful snapshots taken by the #TrueSurrey community since the beginning of 2015 when we started the hashtag. To date, we have over 8,700 images shared! That’s a lot of local love. Be sure to check out our gallery often, we update it each and every day!