Surrey Does Sand

Just a 30-minute drive from the City Centre, Surrey’s Crescent Beach is one of the most scenic spots you’ll ever find in British Columbia. What makes it so stunning? Beautiful landmarks like the Crescent Beach Pier and Blackie Spit Regional Park and of course weeks of warm, welcoming weather!

No one sums it up better than the locals.

“(Crescent Beach) is a great place for sunbathing, swimming, kite flying, looking for clams and crabs… It’s also a great place for fish and chips.”

Just south of the mouth of the Nicomekl River, Crescent Beach possesses a certain rustic charm with its salt-kissed ocean walk, rustic log homes and cottages. Ocean air is synonymous with appetite. After an invigorating walk around the promenade, hit nearby Beecher Street for a bite to eat or a well-deserved glass of wine!