Freaking Scary!

Since 1990, Potters Farm & Nursery has been supplying plants, pottery and garden gifts to the Lower Mainland communities. Since 2003, it has also been supplying nightmares, thanks to a gaggle of ghoulish visionaries who had the hair-raising idea to scare up money for their kids’ school fundraiser…

Comprised of student actors, volunteer parents and various community groups, the earliest incarnation of Surrey’s most heinous haunted house wasn’t located at the garden centre at all – but it was the baby Frankenstein that eventually grew into the monster we know and love today – Potters House of Horrors.

“I was told I screamed the loudest.”

This fright-fest is staffed by the very same people who sell you your chrysanthemums but if you count temporary staff, the human effort behind the operation is closer to one hundred! There’s no doubt that Potters’ evil authenticity is people-powered, hand-built and designed to turn the heavenly plant-filled garden centre into a hellish maze of terror, complete with animatronics, digital sound… even actors.

“Best Haunted House ever. Hands down.”

Each year, as summer slowly dies, the primary scare crew convenes, planning fearsome features that have gone down in horror history: Scary Tales, The Hell Pen Penitentiary, Zombie Town, Clown Central, The Sewer of The Damned, The Possessed Jungle, The Snake-pit… and every year the scares keep getting better and the screams, louder. Over the past few Halloweens, (literally) hundreds of heart-stopping rooms have been added. It’s almost too much to take. No, seriously. That’s why emergency exits have been added. There’s a ‘Chicken Counter’ to keep track of how many people couldn’t make it all the way through. You’ve been warned!

“Completely terrifying.  Loved it.”

If you’ve got a mini-monster-lover but are a little wary that the Haunted Houses will be too much for your tot (you’re probably right), Potters has got you covered. For the first time, a ‘Li’l Haunters’ attraction has been added that’s more on the fun side and suitable for kids 12 and under. In a setting that’s dimly lit, without loud music, and no actors or animatronics, trick-or-treaters can get in on the (not so) frightening fun, too!

New This Year

The crew at Potters House of Horrors have a knack for out-doing themselves year over year. In addition to the two untra-scary adult haunted houses, and the #KidApprovedBC Lil’ Haunters, the bravest of the brave can partake in the Coffin Ride that lets you experience what it’s like to be buried alive. Adding to the fright-fest is a Haunted Photo Booth, Xtreme Paintball Haunted Shootout aka a little revenge on the monsters where YOU get to shoot paintballs at monster props, and tons of spooky treats like neon cotton candy and haunted hot dogs.

Did Someone Say Contest?

We’re giving you and three of your bravest friends a chance to experience the terror that lies inside Potters’ TWO haunted houses: Monstrosity filled with rotting zombies, evil things partially dead, vampires, ghouls, and creepy gothic villages, as well as Devil’s Descent, a graveyard of industrial equipment, terrifying zombies, and monsters. Think you’ve got what it takes to make it through not one but two terrifyingly haunted dwellings?

Got what it takes?

Potters Farm & Nursery is located at 12530 72nd Avenue in Surrey BC, beside Kwantlen Polytechnic University and down the road from Strawberry Hill Cinemas. Open October 6 through October 31 (closed October 9 for Thanksgiving), this is one event you WON’T want to miss!

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