Party for the Planet

You know what feels good? Throwing a party for someone who deserves it. Like, really deserves it. Someone who doesn’t always get the recognition she deserves. Someone who at times, has been dealt a pretty bad hand.

That’s why we can’t wait for Surrey’s annual Party for the Planet on April 22nd. It’s an Earth Day festival that celebrates this incredible planet we call home. And this year, we’re taking the celebration online and into our own homes and neighbourhoods.

The holiday commemorates what many consider to be the birth of the modern environmental movement. Earth Day was founded in 1970 by a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson. He was moved to make a difference after a massive oil spill ravaged Santa Barbara, California in 1969. He was also inspired by the passion of the anti-war movement and realized that if he could combine that same fire with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, environmental protection could become a part of the national political agenda. He was right.

Today over 5,000 environmental groups in nearly 200 countries are raising awareness for this important cause and igniting a desire for real environmental change.

So why not ‘be the change’ by joining in online and throwing your own Party for the Planet?  It’s for a good cause… and it’s loads of fun. The tenth annual Party for the Planet celebration takes place on Thursday, April 22 at 5pm and will be broadcasted on Facebook and YouTube Live

Visit the Event Website to sign up and schedule a reminder in your calendar to watch!


Presented by TD Bank, this year’s free, family-friendly livestream will feature a series of segments from Surrey’s Sustainability, Parks, Transportation, Waste Management and other departments to educate viewers on environmental initiatives and ways to live sustainably and contribute to a healthier planet. The livestream will include environmental education for all ages, musical entertainment, Indigenous performances, interactive workshops, quizzes, kids crafts and more. Plus, viewers can be entered to win over $700 of prizes.

This year’s Party for the Planet features environmental education for the entire family. Learn about Urban Forestry, Surrey Parks, Sustainability, Environmental Engineering, Waste, Recycling and Culture. The livestream will be hosted by Neal Aven, Manager of Parks for the City of Surrey.

Live music is a huge part of Party for the Planet and this year the live stream will feature exciting performances by some amazing Canadian artists including The Zolas, Andrea Menard, Indian Standard Time Trio, Ndidi O, Bobs & Lolo and so many more.

Surrey has approximately 1,400 kilometres of urban watercourses that provide spawning and rearing habitats for a variety of fish and wildlife. Storm drains (AKA roadside drains or catch basins) across the City lead directly into these watercourses, and can face pollution from chemical and soap spills, and many other factors. Learn how City staff respond to spills during the #P4TP livestream on April 22 at 5pm.  

From sustainable Public Art installations, to examining textile waste at the Museum of Surrey’s Nature’s Clothesline exhibit, to making creatures from cardboard with the Surrey Art Gallery & enjoying a performance by the fountain at Darts Hill Gardens, the #P4TP livestream will showcase how culture and sustainability must work hand in hand to create a thriving, green, inclusive city. Tune in on #EarthDay!

Have you ever wondered if your glass jars can go into your recycling cart? Recycling carts accept plastic and tin cans, but not glass! 

A contaminated cart can result in non-pickup or potential fines. Use Surrey’s “Waste Wizard” at to confirm what can go in your blue, green and black bins before putting them out onto the curb & watch the #P4TP livestream on April 22 to learn more about how Surrey is striving to become zero waste.

The Mud Bay Foreshore Enhancements project – created in partnership with the City of Delta – is an innovative way to manage coastal flooding due to climate change.

Instead of building a traditional engineered structure, we are looking to nature for solutions. Restoring coastal ecosystems and mimicking natural processes will help protect Surrey from flooding.

Learn more about how Surrey is planning to combat climate change during the #P4TP livestream on Earth Day (April 22) at 5pm.

This Earth Day join in on-line and ‘be the change’.  It’s for a good cause… and it’s loads of fun.

Photo Courtesy of the City of Surrey