Museum of Surrey is the Place to “BEE”!

This fall, the Museum of Surrey is definitely the place to “BEE”!

Did you know that bee populations here and around the globe are in decline? And did you know that without bees it would be very difficult for us to survive? That is how much we depend on this tiny species! Bees are pollinators and they help to pollinate the world’s food crops and flowering plants. Without their help, our gardens and plates would be empty! And that’s not all. We all know that bees produce honey, but did you know that humans aren’t the only creatures who like nutritious and delicious honey? In fact, lots of other critters like birds and raccoons visit beehives to help themselves to a taste as an important part of their diet.

Learn all about the wonderful world of bees at the Museum of Surrey’s newest exhibit, “BEES!”. Created in consultation with Surrey’s Honeybee Centre (also a must-visit), the exhibit introduces visitors to our buzzing friends through six interactive displays.  Get up close and personal with the queen bee, her egg and larvae in a giant honeycomb model. Test your bee expertise on the BEE ID Spinner. Learn more about these buzzy insects at the Bee-search Station. And take a peek into an actual beehive using the Live Hive Cam.

By experiencing the world of bees from two perspectives – that of bees and beekeepers, BEES! challenges your knowledge of the species Come away from the exhibit with a newfound respect for this sophisticated insect and an understanding of how bee health is an indicator of the health of the whole environment.

Interactives and beekeeping artifacts are provided by the City of Surrey Heritage Collection and the Honeybee Centre.

BEES! opens October 5 and runs until December 19.

Museum of Surrey
17710 56A Avenue

Curated in collaboration with The Honeybee Centre and partially funded through Heritage Canada.