Meet Doug Johnson

With 50 years (off and on) in Surrey, Douglas Johnson brings a uniquely long-game perspective to the community but he brings something else as well: his music. Remember the song, Turn Me Loose? How about, Working for the Weekend? Doug is a founding member of iconic 80’s rock band, Loverboy. We asked him to tell us what rocked about Surrey and happily, he obliged…

Tourism Surrey: What do you love about Surrey?

Doug Johnson: The parks, the ethnicity, the arts, being close to the ocean, the restaurants, the shopping – it’s all here.

TS: What’s the most valuable thing that you provide Surrey?

DJ: I volunteer my music whenever possible to promote the city’s events.

I also promote where I live wherever I go to in my travels. And my tax dollars, of course.

TS: What’s the most valuable thing that Surrey provides you?

DJ: A great, safe lifestyle with a comfortable proximity to the City of Vancouver. My neighbourhood is very interactive also and that gives me a sense of community and connection.

TS: Why is Surrey still home base after all these years?

DJ: I grew up in Surrey at 128th and 96th Ave. I went to elementary, high, and senior high schools here. It was coming home for me after having lived in Calgary and then West Vancouver and then the City of Vancouver. My family all lives out here also so that is a very strong factor.

TS: How does Surrey inspire you?

DJ: I’ve written a CD of music entitled, Notes to Self. On it, Crescent Suite (in 4 parts) is a musical representation of the changing seasons and tones of living near Crescent Beach. There are also some great musicians that live out here that I have as friends.

TS: What’s changed about Surrey in the last 10 years?

DJ: I think Surrey has elevated its status in terms of culture, infrastructure, and livability.

TS: What do you picture Surrey looking like in the next ten years?

DJ: Provided we keep the land usage priorities in place for parks and farms, I see growth continuing as people realize this is a wonderful place to raise families and thrive in the community. Whenever I drive home from the airport after touring and take my turnoff onto Crescent Drive, there’s a sense of relief and comfort that I feel arriving into one of the best places on the planet to live. When you travel as much as I do, you realize that truly is a privilege to live where we do.

Photo Courtesy of Langley Music