Discover Surrey by our Neighbourhoods

As a city, Surrey may be vast in size, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, we like to think we’ve got a cozy, small-town feel. Maybe it’s our sense of community, our civic pride, or the fact that Surrey is made up of six unique neighbourhoods.

Isn’t that what any big city is, after all? Neighbourhoods, pockets of community, the places you know and love… all nestled together perfectly, like pieces of one big beautiful puzzle that we like to call home.

Discover Surrey by the its neighbourhoods and find out which one suits you best!


Surrey’s birthplace was founded as a small farm community in 1870, that over time has grown from a rural and agricultural community into a bustling hub of commercial activity. Cloverdale is a unique neighbourhood with its blend of old and new, a historic main street and a prospering agriculture industry that’s still flourishing to this day.

But don’t let its quaint appearance fool you. Some big things happen in this little community! In addition to the rodeo itself, the Cloverdale Rodeo & Exhibition Fairgrounds and the Bill Reid Millennium Amphitheatre host Western Canada’s biggest Canada Day celebration, as well as other events like Rugged Maniac, an exciting obstacle course race that’s held in different cities across North America. And not one, but two award-winning chefs who also just happen to be reality TV stars come from Cloverdale! Matthew Stowe won Top Chef Canada in 2013 and David Jorge won MasterChef Canada in 2015.


Centrally located in the heart of Surrey is the city’s primarily residential neighbourhood. But don’t be fooled, because Fleetwood is much more than cul de sacs and freshly-paved driveways! It’s a cozy community full of life and activity, offering recreation experiences, diverse restaurants, over twenty-five parks and a whole lot of suburban charm.

With thousands of newcomers flocking to Surrey each year, it’s no surprise that many are choosing Fleetwood as their new home. In fact, it continues to be one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in Surrey!

The Surrey Sports and Leisure Complex is a local gem enjoyed by young children, families, seniors… and everyone in between. The neighbourhood is also known for Fleetwood Gardens – home to Surrey’s only labyrinth and Fleetwood Community Centre, where a statue of the neighbourhood’s namesake, Lance Corporal Arthur Thomas Fleetwood stands.


One of the things that makes Surrey a unique city is its mix of urban, suburban and rural landscapes. The growing metropolis of Guildford epitomises this extraordinary blend, from the tranquil forest of Tynehead Regional Park to Guildford Town Centre, the second largest shopping centre in British Columbia.

Yes, it’s truly a shopaholic’s paradise, but the bustling neighbourhood has more! In addition to fantastic shopping, Guildford boasts plenty of accommodation options and dozens of unique restaurants making it the perfect choice for anyone craving a short city break.

The Gateway to Surrey is also home to a decorated Douglas Fir that’s widely referred to as ‘Charlie’s Tree’. This beloved landmark is the memorial World War 1 veteran Charlie Perkins created for his four fallen comrades.


Our city owes much of its cultural flavour to the contributions made by South Asians who’ve settled in Surrey over the decades, but there’s one neighbourhood where this influence is more evident than ever.

If you’re looking for a live show, a mouthwatering meal or just an overall treat to the senses, then Surrey’s cultural hub should be your cup of Chai! Newton is a centre with incredible diversity, home to shopping, authentic international cuisine, the Newton Cultural Centre and the Bell Performing Arts Centre. The Payal Plaza is known as the Punjabi Market area and houses a wealth of family-run jewelry shops, bridal stores, hair salons, banquet halls, restaurants and sweet shops.

Newton also plays host to one of the largest Vaisakhi Parades outside India, with the celebration usually attracting over 200,000 people!

The neighbourhood also preserves a cherished part of Newton’s heritage. In 1892 Henry Bose purchased what would become one of Surrey’s oldest farms. The 1920s farmhouse he built still stands today!

North Surrey

This innovative neighbourhood is the urban heartbeat of our sprawling city. The thriving centre   showcases Surrey’s growth and development of research facilities, educational institutions and Surrey’s revitalized civic centre.

Featuring award-winning modern architecture like City Centre Library and the Simon Fraser University campus, North Surrey is a shining example of a developing community. But nothing is more impressive than the new City Hall, a two hundred thousand square foot building that features a plaza and a performing arts venue. The Centre is also home to Central City Brewery & Distillery, popular for their delicious Red Racer beer.

But it’s not all about state-of-the-art attractions! Visitors also flock to North Surrey for the Surrey Urban Farmers Market at the North Surrey Rec Centre and for concerts at Holland Park, a location that’s played host to high-profile popular musical artists such as Mumford and Sons, Deadmau5 and The Weeknd.

South Surrey

What makes this picturesque neighbourhood so pleasing to the eye? Well, it might have something to do with the many golf courses, green spaces and mountain vistas. Or the fact that it’s home to the largest grove of Redwood trees north of California, a thriving arts community and (by no coincidence) a number of artists!

South Surrey is popular for Crescent Beach and its beachfront promenade, a summer destination favourite that offers breathtaking views, a place to sunbathe and every water activity imaginable. It’s also a pretty great place for making special memories.

But just how ‘south’ is South Surrey? Well, the neighbourhood has not one, but two border crossings to the United States and Peace Arch Provincial Park actually straddles the border! The park is home to the Peace Arch Monument, a structure that was erected in 1921 and commemorates the lasting peace between Canada and our friends to the South.