Where to View Cherry Blossoms in Surrey

Spring has sprung in Surrey! And springtime in the city means that the cherry trees burst into a spectacular show of pink blossoms. Many parks and streets in the city are awash with pink and white petals and it is a welcome sight after a cold, dark winter. We all know that blossom season doesn’t last forever though … so don’t waste any time if you want to see these trees in all their glory! Not sure where to go? The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival’s Neighbourhood Map features almost 3000 cherry blossom tree locations across Metro Vancouver, including Surrey, and it will tell you which cultivars are blooming and where to find them.

Here are some favourite spots to marvel at the springtime beauty:

102B Ave and 158 Street

121 Street near Forest Ridge

120 Street from the south corner of 62 Avenue

158 Street and 102 Avenue

Nico-Wynd Golf Course (3601 Nicowynd Place)

141 Street, south from 28 Avenue

144 Street, south from 20 Avenue

161b Street at 14 Avenue

11a Avenue at 163 Street

Cul de sac on east side of 128 Street near 18 Avenue

18a Avenue near Amble Green Drive

Cul de sac at 131 Street near 19a Avenue